Dear Reader,

I am now writing my first blog using the new iPad 2. The touch screen keyboard is very easy to use. I am no stranger to touch screens, I am been using one since i bought my first iPhone 3G three years ago. However I have always kept my typing to a minimum because of the size of the phone. The iPad opens new possibilities because of the size of the keyboard and the screen.

I am still trying to master the features of the iPad 2, the placement of the headphone jack is on the top rear back. I had to go back to the Apple Store to figure where this port is, the associate was very kind to point out all the features for me. Maybe because this devise was so new, the sales associates at Verizon were clueless about the iPad 2 and some of the new features.

When purchasing the iPad, if this is the first iPad you are purchasing the Apple Store or some of the smaller retailers might be the best place to learn about all the different models. There are eighteen different iPads to choose from, from WiFi only iPads to Wifi and 3G from two different cell carriers, plus a chose of two different colors, white and black. Prices start at $499 for the base model up to $829 for the top of the line model. The decision is not easy,it boils down to ones needs and budget. If you feel you will only use it at home or in places were you can always find WiFi,go with the WiFi only model, you next decision will be hard drive capacity. If you have a ton of pictures and music that you want to bring with you go for the 64 GB model. If you have a small library and you don't think your needs will grow, go with the 16 GB model. The 3G iPad 2 allows for unlimited access to the Internet, this is great for people who plan to spend a lot of time on the road and need access to the Internet all the time.

Go to your nearest retailer and play with the iPad 2 and see if this devise is right for you.