Monday, March 21, 2011

The iPad Review

Dear Reader,

As you know I have been testing the iPad 2 for the last week, when I use the iPad in public; people approach me, and start asking questions about the iPad. Last night a woman told me she did not see what the big deal was about this tablet, she owned a lap top computer and a smart phone. I handed her the iPad 2, her eyes opened wide, it did not look like any devise she had ever seen, I showed her how to use it, she was amazed how intuitive the iPad is, you did not need to read a manual the size of a phone book, I explained. The Google Map App for instance can not only find you the nearest Starbucks, but it can give you driving directions, public transit and walking directions, along with the phone number and address.

Though I LOVE my iPhone 4, there are some limitations as with any Smart phone, the size of the screen. When I open the Google maps on the iPad, the map is large; there is more detail, it easy to read. As a Baby Boomer, my eyesight is not what it once was; therefore larger fonts are easy on my eyes. The iPad 2 launches programs much faster thanks to the A5 processor, the first generation iPad was fast, and the iPad 2 is lot faster, this is important if you are editing your next blockbuster film in iMovie. A nice gesture by Apple, the iMovie that I purchased for my iPhone 4, did not cost me an extra dime for my iPad. In fact a lot of the programs that I purchased for my iPhone worked fine on the iPad, though I have upgraded some of my favorite Apps for iPad HD Apps, because they are optimized to take advantage of the A5 dual core processor.

I purchased Verizon 4G LTE card, I have it in my Cradle Point MR 1000 router. I tested my iPad with this network, the speed is awesome, and I benchmark speeds up to 24,000 kilo bits per second in Los Angeles, though average Internet speeds ranged from 7,500 to 12.500. This presents a dilemma for anyone who is hesitant to buy an iPad 2 with 3G because of the 3G slower speeds. Buy the Wi-Fi version, when the 4G routers like Verizon MiFi come out latter this year you will have the faster Internet speed. However the Wi-Fi version of the iPad 2 does not have GPS built into the unit, if you plan on using your iPad as a GPS, you will need the Wi-Fi plus 3G iPad 2.

My rating from one to five, five being the best, I give the iPad 2, four and half points, I would had like the 4G network instead of the slower 3G network.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Review on the iPad 2

Dear Reader

This week everyone went gaga over Apple new iPad; across the country long lines were reported on Friday. By Saturday most stores were sold out, for good reason the iPad is a great piece of technology. I was one of the fortunate that was able to purchase an iPad 2 on the first day and I did not have to wait in a long line. How did I do it, I went to my local Verizon Store at the Glendale Galleria the day before the iPad was released. I spoke to one of the sales associates and traded phone numbers, the next day I made several calls to her to see if there was a line forming. To my surprise there was no line at the Verizon Store, I arrived at 3pm and for the next thirty minutes I was by myself. I wondered if I was there on the wrong day, or at the T-Mobile store instead of the Verizon Store. A smiling Verizon rep assured me I was at the right place and I would have a choose of any iPad I would want to purchase. I picked the black iPad 2 with WiFi and Verizon 3G. It took about thirty minutes to purchase the phone and have it up and running. I decided to taunt the poor souls waiting in line at the Apple Store on the second level, walking by the endless line and saying, "wow I just got my iPad at the Verizon Store and I did not have to wait in line." At that moment half the line went running down stairs to the Verizon Store, of course I did not tell them Verizon was sold out. It was time for me to leave, I did not want to make the 11 pm news, "man gets mugged at the mall after telling customers at the Apple Store Verizon has iPads and no lines".

Does the iPad 2 live up to the hype? Yes, it does, it is a responsive as a sports car, fast and nimble. The screen is bright, the touch screen responds to my fingers, no need for a keyboard or a mouse. I did not need to read a manuel the size of the yellow pages, the iPad is intuitive like any product made by Apple. The only real issue I had was where to connect my headphone, a very kind sales associate at the Apple Store explained to me how to connect my headphone, the jack is located at the top right conner of the iPad.

When I got home, I attached my iPad 2 to my MacPro, iTunes launched automatically, taking me through several simple steps. When the process was completed, my photos, music, books and all my other stuff was sync to my iPad. When I opened iPhoto my library of pictures looked awesome on the screen, even Apps that were not designed for the iPad functioned and look great.

Take the iPad 2 for a spin at your favorite electronics store, see for yourself what the hype is about.