Sunday, December 12, 2010

Verizon New 4G Network

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Verizon Wireless just launched their new 4G Network called LTE. LTE is promising speeds from 5 to 12 Mbps, what does that mean in layman terms, put on your seatbelt fast. I have been using the Verizon 3G network for years first with the Junxtion Box router, more recently the Cradle Point router; this allows multiply user on my network at the same time. The CP does not have the limitations of the MiFi 2200 which only allows up to five people on at the same time; I have had sometimes as many as ten users on at the same time without any problems in terms degrade in speed. I regress, Verizon 3G network was Ok at best, if one was in a major city one could expect speeds up to 1.2 Mbps, decent but not fast, if one was outside the 3G network smoke signals might be a faster option. I'm kidding of course, even the slower network allowed users acceptable speed for checking e-mails and surfing the web; however I would not consider watching NetFlex "On Demand" movies or "YouTube" videos.

Verizon 4G LTE will allow users to surf the web on the go at speeds that tech guys like me could only ascertain at home using cable or DSL. Sprint launched their 4G network earlier this year, however, Los Angeles did not get Sprints 4G until this month (December 2010). Sprint uses a different technology than Verizon with speeds only up to 5 Mbps. I have not had a chance to try out the 4G LTE yet, I am waiting for a firmware update for my Cradle Point, however once I do get my new card I am going to write about my experience and test it in real world situations.

Though I applaud Verizon and Sprints efforts to update their networks, most of Europe and other nations have faster networks, the United States unfortunately has a lot of catching up with the rest of the world. My other complaint is the cost; Verizon is offering five gigs for $60 and 10 gigs for $80 a month, and $10 per gig after ones limit is reached. If one watches movies on NetFix like I do, you could reach your limit in one day. I would rather wait an additional year for Verizon to rollout their 4G network and give users the option of an unlimited plan. I feel like we are in the early nineties when dial-up plans had limits and if one went over those limits one would pay dearly for that mistake.

Though I am excited about Verizon new 4G; I am hoping for a better pricing plan and a quick roll out to more markets. I am also waiting for the 5G network to roll out, but I surmise, I might have to wait a while.

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